Come Near To Us

We lift our hands,  

thank God we’re upper middle class 

Comfort our hearts, blind our eyes 

Spirit keep us comfortable tonight 


Lord we have fasted, we have prayed 

Come near to us 

We have sung our songs of praise 

Come near us 

We seem to love your ways 

why won’t you come near to us 


Your light reveals us as comfortable  

Wearing the benefits of oppressors 

savour our personal saviour,  

depeche mode 

Chilled out on couches with 

Cushions stuffed by slave labour 


Our worship is performance art 

Come near to us 

80s retro and shiny guitars 

Come near to us 

We share pretty polished  

polite white words 

Why won’t you come near to us 


first peoples are boiling water 

We’re singing loud enough not to hear  


going from blue towards black and brown bodies 


Why can’t you hear us God  

while we won’t hear anybody 

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